The 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering

Conference (APPEEC 2016)

April 15-17 2016 

Suzhou China

The 8th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC 2016) will be held from April 15 to 17, 2016 in Suzhou, China. This Conference will cover issues on Power and Energy Engineering. It dedicates to creating a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods. 

Suzhou is located in the center of the Yangtze Delta, in the south of Jiangsu Province. Suzhou is praised as the 'Oriental Venice'. Taihu Lake, four fifths of which is in the territory of Suzhou, is one of the four largest fresh lakes in China, with East Hill, West Hill and other scenic spots in its vicinity. The city is cut by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal from north to south. Together with its mild climate, fertile landscape and abundance of produce, it is no wonder that Suzhou is called 'paradise on earth'. 

We look forward to seeing you in Suzhou!

Publication and Presentation


The conference proceedings will be published by CRC Press / Balkema (Taylor & Francis Group) and will be submitted to Ei for indexing.

Speakers in the past APPEEC Conferences

Prof. Hongjie Jia                          Prof. M. A. K.Lodhi                       Prof. Hongbin Sun

   Prof. Hongjie Jia                                Prof. M. A. K.Lodhi                        Prof. Hongbin Sun

Tianjin University, China                  Texas Tech University, USA           Tsinghua University, China

Prof. Ping Zheng                          Dr. Yi Zong                         Prof. Zhongyi Deng

    Prof. Ping Zheng                                   Dr. Yi Zong                                  Prof. Zhongyi Deng

Harbin Institute of Technology    Technical University of Denmark       PowerGenix Systems Inc.

              China                                             Denmark                                                China

Dr. D.P. Kothari​                           Prof. Michael Pecht                         Dr. Michael Edmonds

    Dr. D.P. Kothari                                 Prof. Michael Pecht                        Dr. Michael Edmonds

JB Group of Educational Institutions  University of Maryland                S & C Electric Company

           India                                                    USA                                            USA

Dr. Noel Schulz                            Dr. Junzheng Cao                          Dr. Xia Zhang

    Dr. Noel Schulz                                  Dr. Junzheng Cao                                 Dr. Xia Zhang

Kansas State University             China Electric Power Equipment and           Neusoft Corporation

            USA                                       Technology Co. LtdChina                             China

Prof. Saifur Rahman                             Prof. Chanan Singh                         Dr. Shijie Cheng

Prof. Saifur Rahman                              Prof. Chanan Singh                              Dr. Shijie Cheng

     Virginia Tech                                  Texas A & M University     Huazhong University of Science

            USA                                                       USA                                   and Technology,China

Dr. Hansong Cheng                                Prof. C. C . Chan                       Prof. Xiaoxin Zhou

 Dr. Hansong Cheng                                    Prof. C. C . Chan                           Prof. Xiaoxin Zhou

China University of Geosciences            University of Hong Kong,                 China Electric Power

(Wuhan), China                                            Hong Kong, China               Research Institute, China 

Prof. Yusheng Xue                                 Dr. Wanda Reder                       Dr. Yinbiao Shu

  Prof. Yusheng Xue                                     Dr. Wanda Reder                              Dr. Yinbiao Shu

Nanjing Automation Research              President of IEEE PES, USA                    State Grid, China

Institute, China

Prof. Qiang Lu                               Prof. Ryuichi Yokoyama                        Prof. M. Ramamoorty

     Prof. Qiang Lu                                   Prof. Ryuichi Yokoyama                  Prof. M. Ramamoorty

Tsinghua University                    Waseda University, Environment and    R&D Advisor, Equipment

           China                                         Energy Engineering, Japan  Manufacturing Company,India

 Prof. F.F. Wu                          Prof. Sun Yuanzhang                           Prof. Marc A. Rosen

Prof. F.F. Wu                                      Prof. Sun Yuanzhang                            Prof. Marc A. Rosen

HK University, China                       Wuhan University, China           University of Ontario Institute

                                                                                                                   of Technology, Canada     

Prof. Meng Ni                           Dr. Wenxian Yang

     Prof. Meng Ni                                  Dr. Wenxian Yang

The Hong Kong Polytechnic             Universty of Newcastle, UK

University, Hong Kong (China)